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Perfect Practice Golf Putting: 5 Minute Visualization

How do you know you can putt perfectly every time, make it every time, and gain confidence

in your golf game putts more and more? By visualizing in increments.

You can make every putt when you use your imagination. No need to practice missing. Practice making the shot. Feel the putt. Feel the putter in your hands. See and hear the putt sink into the bottom of the cup.

Gain confidence by using a trigger word like 'Yes' as you see it drop in the cup.

You are visualizing and you are practicing your putts perfectly. Better still, you can practice seeing your putt and feeling your putt and hearing this perfect putt hundreds and even thousands more times in your imagination t

han you could ever do by physically practicing your putts.

Perfect practice repeated over and over again will lead to positive results. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between your imagined perfect putts and your real life putts.

When you go to putt on the golf course the subconscious mind will remember and feel into and hear into the perfect putts you have been feeding it in your imagination and perfect practice during your visualization practice.

And it only takes seconds, a minute, or five minutes to visualize perfect putts to train the subconscious mind to perfectly putt when you are playing a round of golf. You will also have the confidence by using your trigger word like "Yes" as you attach that feeling, that knowing, that confidence to your perfect putt.

And you will not have to overthink or even question your ability because you have done this putt so many times in your imagination that your body and mind know exactly what to do with feeling and with confidence and without any doubt or indecision.

Train your subconscious mind to lead you to consistent, confident, and perfect putts. Do the above five minute guided meditation of visualizing yourself putting the ball and having a perfect outcome of the ball landing in the center of the cup each and every time.

Happy Golfing!


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