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Do You Need a Mental Diet for Your Golf Game?

Updated: Jan 5

What score would you give your 'mental golf game' out of 10? And I'm not talking about choosing the right club, or reading a green perfectly.

I'm talking about your self talk, your confidence, your attitude, emotions, and behaviors before, during and after a round of golf.

To help you know your current state, answer these true or false questions:

  • I generally have a good attitude regarding golf no matter how I am playing.

  • I consistently talk positively to myself before, during and after golf rounds.

  • I am overall confident in my golf abilities based on my level of play

  • I can quickly move on from the last shot if it did not go the way I wanted.

  • I am not critical outwardly or inwardly and when I am, I quickly realize it and let it go.

If you answered false to 2 or more, you may be in need of rebooting, or refreshing your mind with a 7 Day Mental Diet.

Emmet Fox coined the term in his short book, the 7 Day Mental Diet. Based on his work and the work of Neville Goddard who also talks about mental diets, I designed 7 days of short, ten minute lessons that include quick guided meditations to set your mind up for success for the day. This audio course helps you with different strategies of turning away from negative thoughts completely for an entire week.

This is not a golf specific diet, but it accounts for your general, day to day self interactions on and off the golf course. What are you telling yourself throughout the day, and how is it relating to your golf performance, or daily life? There's only one way to find out, and that is through the power of awareness!

The subconscious mind is very powerful and controls most of your thoughts, feelings and day to day actions. Experts say over 75% of our thoughts lean toward the negative. This can be reprogrammed though because you are not your thoughts!

Things like meditation and affirmations can help calm and restore some of this negative self talk, but simple mindfulness and conscious awareness of these self talking patterns is the true key to change. It's not about forcing 'positive thinking'; instead it's training the subconscious mind to feel into the state of being that you wish to live from.

I encourage you to take a day and listen to yourself. Really tune in to how you are talking to yourself as you play golf, and as you go about your day. Are you being kind to yourself? Encouraging? Critical? No judgements, just take inventory.

And if you think you may be in need of a mindset reboot for on (or off) the golf course, get my 7 Day Mental Diet here: Joey Hayes Store

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